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Having no hair made him look even hairier.<br />The water flowing down the river didn’t look that powerful from the car<br />It took him a month to finish the meal.<br />The tears of a clown make my lipstick run, but my shower cap is still intact.<br />I want more detailed information.<br />Instead of a bachelorette party<br />His son quipped that power bars were nothing more than adult candy bars.<br />The lake is a long way from here.<br />She works two jobs to make ends meet; at least, that was her reason for not having time to join us.<br />The gloves protect my feet from excess work.<br />My dentist tells me that chewing bricks is very bad for your teeth.<br />After exploring the abandoned building, he started to believe in ghosts.<br />Behind the window was a reflection that only instilled fear.<br />The changing of down comforters to cotton bedspreads always meant the squirrels had returned.<br />Courage and stupidity were all he had.<br />He spiked his hair green to support his iguana.<br />As he looked out the window, he saw a clown walk by.<br />He used to get confused between soldiers and shoulders, but as a military man, he now soldiers responsibility.<br />The teenage boy was accused of breaking his arm simply to get out of the test.<br />The overpass went under the highway and into a secret world.<br />She was the type of girl who wanted to live in a pink house.<br />I'm confused: when people ask me what's up, and I point, they groan.<br />There have been days when I wished to be separated from my body, but today wasn’t one of those days.<br />She cried diamonds.<br />I know many children ask for a pony, but I wanted a bicycle with rockets strapped to it.<br />He never understood why what, when, and where left out who.<br />25 years later, she still regretted that specific moment.<br />She wanted a pet platypus but ended up getting a duck and a ferret instead.<br />I was starting to worry that my pet turtle could tell what I was thinking.<br />Best friends are like old tomatoes and shoelaces.<br />Charles ate the french fries knowing they would be his last meal.<br />At that moment I was the most fearsome weasel in the entire swamp.<br />After coating myself in vegetable oil I found my success rate skyrocketed.<br />I received a heavy fine but it failed to crush my spirit.<br />The family’s excitement over going to Disneyland was crazier than she anticipated.<br />While on the first date he accidentally hit his head on the beam.<br />She had the gift of being able to paint songs.<br />This book is sure to liquefy your brain.<br />Written warnings in instruction manuals are worthless since rabbits can't read.<br />The efficiency we have at removing trash has made creating trash more acceptable.<br />The door swung open to reveal pink giraffes and red elephants.<br />She let the balloon float up into the air with her hopes and dreams.<br />A song can make or ruin a person’s day if they let it get to them.<br />It was a slippery slope and he was willing to slide all the way to the deepest depths.<br />Everyone was curious about the large white blimp that appeared overnight.<br />I've never seen a more beautiful brandy glass filled with wine.<br />Doris enjoyed tapping her nails on the table to annoy everyone.<br />Everything was going so well until I was accosted by a purple giraffe.<br />Car safety systems have come a long way, but he was out to prove they could be outsmarted.<br />He found rain fascinating yet unpleasant.

<h3>See you on the dark side of the moon</h3>



Watch this guide to lunar eclipses


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<span class="el__storyelement__header">Watch this guide to lunar eclipses</span> <span class="el__storyelement__gray">01:43</span>


Lunar eclipses might seem commonplace, but there are different versions that offer varied perspectives. Here's what you need to know next time you catch the moon in shadow.

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